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Alford Digital Camera Club


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2015 Thursday May 7th Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

Apologies: Linda Mullen/Denise Philips

Attendance: 17

10.00 am Meeting Notes.

Basic PE Editing Group.

Thursday next May 14th. Workshop to be arranged – Suggestions?

Photo – Shoots.

Mablethorpe RNLI

Sent an email regarding a photo-shoot- On a Sunday morning – No interest!!


Rearranged due to inclement weather.

Wednesday May 13th -  ScamblesbyFoals & Horses –- Meet at venue 10am. Directions to be emailed.

This will have to be completely cancelled if a bad weather forecast – The foals will soon be horses!!

Will look at the weather forecast on Monday and confirm Yea or “Neigh”

Ayescoughfee Hall and Gardens – Spalding - 39 miles.

Information: As per my email sent April 27th (Look at Ayescoughfee hall & Gardens website)

Several members interested? Will book the first Wednesday June 3rd

Info broachers posted to me – Arrived Thursday morning!!

Cars to be full please - Meet at Nan’s or Margaret & Clive’s to arrange car loads and leave spare cars

Margaret and I hope to have a recce.

June 4th meeting

2016 Calendar photo judging – Judge Jean Brumby.

10. 15 am. Mono Photo Competition judging.

Clive introduced and welcomed new group judge Mr Ron Abbot who kindly stepped in at last minute for Judge Mr Rob Dowlman, who is unwell.

Our idea was to display the actual photos for the Judge to critique while displaying an identical DPI on screen for member’s better viewing.

Unfortunately due to technical reasons showing the DPI would not work!!! Thankfully, Ron our technical magician, managed to get everything working after a short delay.


Entries: Intermediate group 15.

Advanced Group: 12

In alphabetical order, and in his opinion, Ron commenced by judging the Intermediate group photos first, giving each photo a thorough and encouraging critique.

10. 40 am. In reverse order Bob announced the winners in the Intermediate group.

3rd place: John Walborn. – Vale of Dreams.

2nd Place: Frances Hitchcock. – Bike Night.

1st place: John Walborn. – Reflections.

10. 40 am. Ron commenced judging the advanced group photos, again giving each photo the same thorough and encouraging critique as the Intermediate Group photos.

10. 55 am. Meeting adjourned for coffee break. (Thanks to Frances for the brochure collection).       

Cont. page 2.

Page 2.

11.05am. Meeting resumed.

11.20. am. Bob announced the winners of the Advanced group photos.

3rd place: Bob Platts – Minster Cross

2nd Place: Clive Sutton – Snap Happy

1st Place: Robert Ibbotson – The Range

11.20 am. To fill in the available spare time Ron displayed several of his excellent A3 mounted photos explaining how they had been manipulated.


Considering this was our first mono competition Bob and I were pleasantly surprised and encouraged with the quality of your photographs, well done.

We thought Ron was an excellent and humorous judge, making all the correct decisions.

If you are all agreeable, we will certainly book Ron again.

An excellent meeting.

12 pm. Clive closed the meeting thanking members for their attendance.

Keep clicking.

Bob & Clive.