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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

Thursday November 6th 2014…10am

Workshop: Annual Photo Competition Judging

Attendance: 17

10.00am: Welcome- Special welcome to prospective member Tony hall

Apologies:Dena Robinson/Dan Smith/Denise Phillips.


Next Thursday November 13th Basic Photoshop Elements Photo Editing…2pm

Workshop: Making Cards with Adobe Photoshop Elements-Crib sheets e-mailed previously

Open to full Group

December 4th Meeting. To arrange our 2015 Program – Tutorial to be arranged.

Agenda-(Details as under)

a) Speakers

b) To arrange photo- shoots

c) Calendar: Do we continue…Alterations/Categories

d) Annual Photo competition- Rule Amendments

Rule 2

Photos to be taken in the current year- Amended to: Archive photos allowed providing they have not been entered in previous competitions.

This will allow for members who for any unforeseen circumstances are unable to take photos in the current year - This year we have in mind; Denise and myself

e) Annual Lunch & prize presentation – February?

f) Editing group – To continue?

g) Accounts: to be arranged at Denise’s convenience

h) AOB

2015 Calendars

We only have a limited number left (7) - Please see Denise/Margaret/Clive for sales.

10.15 am. Main Meeting Annual Photo Competition Judging -

Firstly I must comment on the quality of your entries, the best to date, especially in the beginners group – Well done all.

On the down side we are a little disappointed with number of entries - Only 12 members have entered the competition with total of 32 photographs.

As an experiment, (although I have not got this correct at present) we digitally projected your images on screen at the same time as our judge critiqued the actual prints; this appeared to be an improvement, allowing for the better viewing of prints.


10.15 am.

With a hearty round of members’ applause, also for her first visit to our group, Clive welcomed photography judge Lynn Haith.

Lynn commenced by giving a brief introduction of her interests in photography and photography judging.

Having previewed all our prints Lynn commented positively on the quality of our prints, why do we have two groups? There little difference between the two groups!!

With Bob’s assistance and taking us up to coffee break Lynn commencing with the beginners group prints first (16) followed by the advanced group photos (16). Lynn gave each print an encouraging critique, and in her opinion, on how each print could be improved.

11.10 am. Coffee Break – During coffee break Lynn finally selected the competition winners

11.15 am – Resuming after coffee break Lynn announced the competition winners.

Beginners Group: 1st Deena Robinson - 2nd Alan Hitchcock - 3rd John Welborn

Advanced Group: 1st Clive Sutton – 2nd Peter Grayson – 3rd Clive Sutton.

In both groups Lynn selected several highly Commended and Commended photos

11.15 am – To fill in the remaining spare time Lynn showed the meeting a selection of example DPIs (digital Projected Images) she had taken at various locations.

During Lynn’s critique I noted that composition and clutter was mentioned several times, something for us all to take note of.

12.05 – Closing Peter gave a vote of thanks to Lynn for an excellent meeting.

Keep Clicking.

Bob & Clive.