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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

Thursday September 4th 2014…10am

Workshop: Converting Colour Photos to Monochrome

10 am. Welcome:

Apologies: Linda Mullen/Deena Robinson/Christine Willerton/Dan Smith

Attendance: 20



Re: Photo –Shoot…Scamblesby Grove Stud Farm, Near Louth.

Margaret and I have been to investigate the layout today (Wednesday Sept 3rd) for the suitability of our members. Our findings are as under.

a) In the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

b) Area hilly

c) Permission for a free roam round the farm fields to photograph the horses

d) Will move some horses to the nearest field for us to photograph

e) Please do not frighten the horses (No Flash)

f) ) Twelve miles from Alford

g) Drive to farm about a mile off the Bluestone Heath road…Drive not too bad…Parking good

h) Wednesdays the best days to visit (mornings) Meet at venue 10.30 am

i) September good time…A Wednesday in September with a good weather forecast. (10th/17th/24th) 10th first date…Will look at the 5 day weather forecast this weekend and advise members by e-mail, either yea or nay.

J) Directions to be e-mailed

k) Bring flask etc.

l) There are no charges…Box of chocolates for owner?

We have a further invite for a photo- Shoot…. Spring…A good time to see and photograph the foals,

Editing Group.

We’re re-starting the Editing group again on Thursday September 11th 2 pm.

We will be demonstrating a different way of inserting a new sky to a photo with a dull uninteresting sky.

Photo Display…St. Wilfrids Church August Bank Holiday week end.

Regret having to cancel…Many thanks for your entries…On the lookout for a future venue and time…All photos are on display today…Please collect your photos on leaving.

October Meeting.

Ladies versus Gents competition… Bring three of your best 5” X 7” Photos…To be judged by an invited guest/s …”L” or “G” (L = Ladies, G = Gents) on photo rear…Plus your initials. The most Ls’ or Gs’ the winners… No restrictions…Mounting not required… Prizes for the first second and third best photo.

November Meeting…Annual Photograph Judging.

2016 Calendar…Don’t forget to take a varied selection of photos of all the seasons etc.

2015 Calendars…We have the 2015 Calendars here today…Please see Denise or Margaret for sales and orders.


10. 15. Clive introduced meeting speaker Mr Colin Lusby …Topic: processing colour photo to mono.

Colin began by advising the meeting that with the introduction of Creative Cloud more and more photographers are now using Lightroom and Photoshop Elements to edit their photos, explaining that Lightroom is similar to Adobe Camera RAW but with more photo editing options.

Colin admitted that he has recently bought Lightroom and at present has not fully got to grips with this program, demonstrating the basic Lightroom editing operations, importing photos from camera, editing and turning the photo to mono from pre set examples and finally transferring the photo to Photoshop Elements to complete, stating that it is a better option to convert a colour photo to mono than the other way round.

11.00am Coffee break.

During coffee break members viewed all the August Bank Holiday photos which were set out on tables at the rear of the room.

Following coffee break Colin then demonstrated editing the same photo with Elements 11 which had been provisionally edited with Lightroom, again showing and explaining the meeting how this was done, mainly by using selections and levels to great effect.

Finally to complete his talk Colin demonstrated how he had turned two of his excellent demonstration prints into mono.

During Colin’s talk and demonstration members asked several questions.


A few of our members have Lightroom, (yours truly included) none of us have at present managed to get to grips with this editing program!!!

Colin’s excellent talk and demonstrations in plain and understandable English proved how good and easy it is to use Lightroom. We must certainly persevere and learn how to use it, it looks good.

I am certain most of our group members learnt something from this meeting.

12.10 pm.

Bob gave a vote of thanks to Colin for an excellent and enjoyable presentation.  

Keep Clicking.

Bob & Clive.