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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

Thursday October 4th 2014…10am

Workshop: Ladies v Gents Photo Competition.

Attendance: 20

10.00am: Welcome

Apologies: Christine Willerton/Margaret Arnett/Joyce Waite/Dan Smith.


09.30am…Regret to announce that due to a family bereavement today’s competition judge is unable to attend…Thankfully Bob volunteered to fill in.


Next Thursday October 9th

Basic Photoshop Elements Photo Editing…2pm

Workshop: Converting a Colour photo to black and white…Crib sheets e-mailed

November 6th Meeting.

Annual Photo Competition…Lyn Haith Judge…In case you have lost or mislaid the rules…To be e-mailed to members

We have our 2015 Calendars on sale today…Please see Denise or Margaret for sales.

10.15 am. Main Meeting Topic.

Clive announced that today’s meeting topic a “Ladies v Gents” photo competition is a first for our group with possible future amendments.

It’s not a serious competition but mainly a fun competition and at the same time an exercise in taking, editing, printing, presenting and critiquing your photos, an all round learning curve.

We have had an excellent response with an entry of 46 photos, many thanks to all.

While Bob judged the photos members were shown two short AVs kindly loaned by Trusthorpe Camera Club.


The first AV “Winter Wonderland” taken and compiled by member Peter Grayson - an excellent example of how to take winter photographs - taken locally and the Yorkshire Dales – detail in shadows – no blown out highlights – all in focus. Peter advised the meeting on his

camera settings.

The second setback!!

While showing this AV the laptop decided to shut down near the end of the showing!!! After several minutes with thanks to Ron we managed to resume our presentation showing the next AV. (I Hoped not a Third setback!!)

While Bob continued judging the photos a second and completely different AV “Las Vagas” was shown – bright lights/gambling, also very good.

10.50 am…Coffee break.

Resuming after coffee break Bob announced that he had made - and in his opinion had selected the top 15 photos.

The Winners:

By 9 votes to 6 the “Gents” were the winners.

1st John Walborn…2nd Robert Ibbotson…3rd Peter Grayson.

To conclude the meeting Peter selected several members’ photos - and in his opinion gave a critique suggesting where he thought they could be improved.


Closing the meeting Clive presented the competition winners with prizes, thanking Bob for judging the photos and members for their input.


Keep Clicking.

Bob & Clive.