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Alford Digital Camera Club


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2016 February 3rd Alford & Dis.U3A Photography Group

Meeting Report
10.00am - Welcome:
Attendance: 16

Apologies: Deena/Eileen & Peter/John

Notes to remember:
March 10th Basic Photoshop Elements Photo Editing - 2pm
We will be looking at ways of cropping.

April 7th 10 am
Guest Speaker Jean Brumby Subject: “Fun with Photoshop

In the future:
Possible battle with Louth U3A photography Group? - Watch this space.

10.20 am.
Clive welcomed guest speaker Mr Brian Gromett. Subject: Composition.
Brian commenced by advising the meeting that composition is the act of combining graphic elements to create a visual structure or the product generated by this act.
Below are Snippets from Brian crib sheet which sums up the main points of his talk on composition (Too much to write down!)

1. The word structure implies organisation, the elements of an image should not appear haphazard.
2. An image should have a point of interest, a focal point and the other elements in the image should lead the viewer to this point.
3. An important part of composition is what to include and what to exclude. This can be done by changing your viewpoint or by reducing depth of field or by using a different lens.

4. The most important point is that the photographer should make decisions that he/she thinks will help the viewer to see the point of interest.

10.55 am.
Resuming after coffee break Brian talked to the meeting in great depth regarding the following points of composition.
Rule of Thirds.
Golden Rules.
Power of lines: Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved leading lines, the
S curve.
Colour: Analogous, complementary, over saturation, popped colour, white balance
Perspective: Linear, height, overlap, aerial, lenses.
Keep things simple: Backgrounds, balance.
Geometry: symmetry, triangles, rule of odds, patterns.
Aspect ratio.

Summing up:
I think this was one of most interesting and informative talks that we have had to date, everyone should have learnt something from Brian’s excellent talk. Try to practice a few of the main points as item 1/2/3/4
Closing the meeting Craig gave a vote of thanks to Brian for his excellent and informative talk.
Keep clicking.
Bob & Clive.