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Alford Digital Camera Club


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2016 February 4th

Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

10.00 am Welcome:

Apologies: Deena /Mick /Brian /George

Attendance: 16


Clive apologised for all the email problems since Christmas This should soon be alleviated with an updated Pc!!

Next week February 11th Photoshop Elements basic editing group- 2pm

Workshop: Photo editing basics revisited.

March 3rd meeting: Speaker Brian Gromett- Talk: Photo Composition.

Room Setup

With grateful thanks several members volunteered to help Chairs and tables are now stacked where we require the space and have to be repositioned prior to our meetings. For some reason this is getting hard work!!!

Annual Lunch and Trophy Presentation - 12.30 pm in restaurant.

Todays Workshop.

10.20 pm Talk and demonstrations on Depth of Field

Opening the workshop Clive talked about point and shoot cameras first, (Compact cameras) explaining that due to their small sensors and the closeness to the lens, a narrow DOF is not as easy to achieve as compared to DSLR cameras.

By choosing a pre-selected mode, Landscape/Portrait/Macro etc. the camera will automatically select the appropriate aperture size.

Physically moving in closer, zooming in, and focusing on your subject the portrait mode will help to obtain a narrow DOF.

Landscape mode will give a wide DOF - Focus approximately 1/3 into a landscape = wide DOF. In the portrait mode focus on the nearest eye = shallow DOF

10. 50 am Coffee Break.

Resuming after coffee break Clive showed an excellent video DOF with SLR cameras and lenses demonstrating different effects and settings which affect the DOF.

Concluding the meeting Clive advised the meeting that he just had found an app that you can remotely live view, adjust settings and shoot with a Canon camera via a laptop.

Via the app with some success and due to a few initial user problems this was demonstrated to the meeting showing different DOFs with various apertures, using tea cups and soup packets (Margarets!!).

Although the figures appear to be the opposite way round always remember the DOF settings as under

Higher the f number = smaller aperture > a wider DOF (f22)

Lower the f number = wide aperture > narrow DOF (f2.8)

Dont forget - Practice and experiment with your camera settings, this will help to improve your photography.

12.00 pm.

Closing the meeting Clive thanked members for their attendance trusting that something had been learnt.


Members adjourned to the restaurant for the Annual Lunch and Trophy Presentation.

Many Thanks to Margaret and Ron for presenting the awards.

Keep Clicking.

Bob & Clive.