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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

January 8th 2015

10.00 am Welcome:

Apologies: Deena Robinson/Joyce Waite/Margaret Lillywhite/Barry Howlett/Peter & Eileen Grayson/Dan Smith

Attendance: 17

Meetings Notes:

No editing group this month.

February 5th meeting:

Bring up to 3 of your best memorable photos & Talk - 1 photo can be taken by anyone providing it has a memorable connection.

February 5th Annual Lunch and Annual Photo Competition Prize presentation – 12.30pm

Is there anyone who did not attend this meeting and wish to attend the above would they please let me have their menu choice 10 days prior to the above date? Guests welcome.

Menu details and information emailed to members on Monday the January 5th.

February 12th Editing Group Meeting

Workshop: Inserting a new sky in a photo

I have found a way of inserting a new sky in an image with trees and foliage.

I am working on a crib sheet regarding this.

2016 Calendar.

Please remember: We want a selection of all year round Photos – To be judged in June.

No matters arising?

10.15 am. Denise presented the satisfactory statement of our group accounts.

With a round of members applause Clive thanked Denise for all the work involved.

10. 25. Today’s workshop:

Editing of three selected demonstration photos, all with various composition problems.

With grateful thanks we had a good response to this exercise with eight members taking part.

All edited photos were requested to be on a USB memory stick thus enabling the images to be presented on the screen for better viewing (DPIs - Digital Presented Images) to be critiqued by Bob and myself.

Bob and I were quietly pleased by the variations of member’s skills of editing and the enhancing of the same photo. e.g. Artistic, landscape, portrait, letter box, cloning and cropping, all with good results.

Through this exercise we found that we will have to demonstrate how to correct converging verticals, barrel distortion and the editing of selections.

With approximately 30 minutes to spare Clive demonstrated different ways of correcting converging verticals and the straitening of horizons.

12.00 pm. Clive closed the meeting thanking members for their attendance and input.

Keep Clicking.

Bob & Clive