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Alford Digital Camera Club


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2015 August 6th Alford & District U3A Photography Group Meeting

10 am Welcome.

Apologies: Denise/Nan/Jan/Deena/Barry/Dan

Attendance: 17

Meeting Notes.

Any matters arising? None.

Nan While at an appointment at Louth hospital Denise has been to see Nan. Denise has given Nan a Get Well card from our group.

Forwarding emails reports on Nan via Jean of Trusthorpe Camera Club.

Meeting Venue.

The Half Moon are retiring this month and renting the hotel to new people.

Depending on a meet up with them there could be changes afoot!!

I will keep you informed.

August Bank Holiday Photo Exhibition

Many thanks for all your prints We trust that you have remembered to put the print title and order of your photo preference on the back 1st/2nd/3rd

2016 calendars will be for sale plus other selected items Donation of sales to Church

Setting up Volunteers: Thursday morning meet at St Wilfrids 10.30 am

September 3rd Meeting

Guest Speaker Mr Gary Hickin Presentation Macro photography.

This will be subject to confirmation (Unable to contact Gary at this present time).

In case of cancellation: Meeting agreed to hold an in house photo competition To be judged by members - Prints mounted or un-mounted Preferably A4 Archive prints allowed if not previously entered in a competition Subject/s to be advised Watch this space.

Basic Photoshop Elements Photo Editing Group to resume September 10th

Meeting agreed to continue as previously.

2016 Calendars. On sale 11 sold

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Page 2.

10 .15am Meeting Topic - Camera problems & settings

Question. Focal length and aperture settings.

Answers. With Peters input, Bob stated that these areas are the most asked and misunderstood questions for beginners to photography, explaining how lenses are constructed, depth of field, various types of lenses i.e. Prime/Full frame/Telephoto/Walk round.

Beginners find it difficult to understand that a wide aperture = f1.4 - A narrow aperture = f20 Is the wrong way round!!

Landscapes settings: DSLR cameras

Wide depth of field required (front to back in focus) = small aperture, f10 f16.

Focus 2/3 rds. into the image

Compact cameras (Point & Shoot cameras)

We recommend you use the camera Pre sets i.e. Landscape/Portrait/Macro etc. (scene modes) The camera will automatically adjust to the correct settings as described above.

10.55 am Coffee break.

11.05 am. Camers Settings Cont. - Portraits and close up photography DSLR cameras

Narrow depth of field required (Background out of focus) f1.4 to f3.5 depending on the lens. (f1.4 wide aperture prime lenses are expensive). Focus on the eyes or subject, leaving at least a 2 to 3 meter space behind.

11.20 am. After long discussion on this one subject several constructive videos tutorials were shown to the meeting i.e. (1) The correct way to hold a camera (2) Camera blur, causes and solutions - (2) How to compose photos (1) Composure practice. (Not easy to get up and down for senior citizens!!!)

12.00 pm. Closing the meeting Clive thanked members for their attendance trusting that they had learnt something from the meeting.

Keep Clicking.

Bob & Clive. Aperture F11 to f16