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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Digicam Group Meeting Report - 5th January 2017

10.15 a.m. Clive welcomed members to the first AGM Meeting in the new premises, a slightly later start than usual. He wished everyone a Happy New Year for 2017 and thanked them for their support over the past year

Apologies: Margaret & Ron Arnett, Robert Ibbotson

Attendance: 16

Meeting Notes:

1st February Meeting would be a Table Top Photoshoot of artefacts. Members were asked to bring
along objects/ornaments to be photographed. Help would be given re camera settings such as
aperture, depth of field etc.

Annual General Meeting

Chairman's Report

Clive gave a brief report and thanked members for their support during a difficult year when we had suffered the loss of member and tutor Bob Platts. He said he was grateful to the way members had rallied round and helped and gave special thanks to Denise, Alan, Frances and Tony. He went on to say how pleased he was that 2016 had gone much better than he had anticipated -thanks to us all pulling together. He very much hoped to continue with the camera club even though he was approaching the ripe old age of 84 to which members gave a round of applause.

Treasurer's Report

Denise gave a brief resume of the accounts. Stating that at present we have a satisfactory balance which is due to the production and sale of our 2017 Calendars. Denise made a special point re the sale of Calendars which realised a small profit for the group, stating that without the sales of the calendars we would have lost money.

Denise went on to say that now we were in our new premises coffee/tea would
Cost just 50p. However members thought it would be better if we paid 1 for coffee/tea which would enable Denise to buy milk, coffee/tea, sugar and biscuits.
It was also suggested by Monica that these be kept in a cupboard in the Guild Room Denise thanked Shelley for bringing along a donation of mince pies and biscuits for today's meeting. Motion carried.

Clive thanked Denise for all her hard work and asked members to show their appreciation in the usual way.


Clive asked members if they wished to continue with the Calendar for the year 2018.
Members unanimously agreed and they also agreed to continue with the Lincolnshire theme.

Discussion re 2017 Programme

Clive asked members for suggestions for the programme for 2017. Members suggested the following ideas:

In House competitions, Practical use of Cameras, More Speakers, Depth of Field, visit to the Manor House. A practical photoshoot day in Lincoln with perhaps a minibus. Gordon Moss said he had access to a minibus and the cost was 1 per mile.

In House competitions - members were asked to write a list of suggestions for photographs, i.e. birds, roses, trees etc. These would then be collated and the most popular would be chosen.

Another challenge idea was to bring along a photograph just as it had been taken -no editing.

Annual Lunch

Clive asked members what they thought to having the Annual Dinner at The Willows in Alford. Members agreed to this with a Wednesday being the preferred evening. Clive to arrange the Dinner and report back. Members would be able to bring their own wine.

11.00 a.m. Coffee break.

11.15 a.m. Meeting resumed

George Gilroy gave an in depth talk on setting up a Facebook page for Alford Photography Group. He explained the importance of security and privacy and mentioned that it was unwise to put your date of birth unless it was hidden. George said that on the front page of Facebook you would see a padlock with a drop down menu which highlighted your privacy settings.

George also showed two You Tube videos on how to set up a Facebook page.

Members agreed that to be on Facebook would be a good idea and George agreed to set this up. When he had done this he would send an email to members with the Facebook link which members could click on to.

12 noon.

Clive thanked George for his presentation and members showed their appreciation.

Closing the meeting Clive thanked members for their attendance and said he would look forward to seeing them all again at our next meeting on 2nd February. He also thanked them once again for their continuing support.

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