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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Digicam Group Meeting Report 2nd February 2017

10.05 a.m. Clive welcomed members to the meeting and expressed a warm welcome to Brett Harris a potential new member.

Clive asked members for their opinion on the Annual Dinner held at The Willows in Alford on Wednesday evening 1st February 2017.

Having the Annual Dinner in the evening was a trial run but although everyone had enjoyed it members said they preferred the event to be held at lunchtime. Thoughts for a new venue were invited.

Apologies: Margaret & Ron Arnett, Eileen Grayson.
Attendance: 18 and one visitor

Meeting Notes:

The meeting today would be a Table top photoshoot of artefacts brought along by
members. Help was available for members in relation to settings etc.

March 2nd Meeting.
The March meeting would be a critique of the Table top photoshoot. Members were asked to bring along three 5"x7" of their best photographs.

Clive had received a box of photographic items from Bob Platt's son and told members they could take anything they wished out of the box free of charge. Any remaining items to be taken to the British Heart Foundation Charity shop.

Linda had also brought along a load of Photographic magazines which may be of interest to members.

11.00 a.m.

Coffee break with thanks to Denise and Monica.

11.15 a.m.

The meeting resumed and Clive invited Alan and Frances to present the 2016 Trophy Winners:

3rd November - Annual Photo Competition

Intermediate Group

1st - Gill Edwards - Gizakiss
2nd - Gill Edwards - Summer's Tears
3rd - Jean Moss - Sanderlings Taking Flight

Advanced Group

1st - Clive Sutton - Herbie
2nd - Clive Sutton - Lincoln Cathedral
3rd - Denise Phillips - Contemplation

7th July DPI Competition

1st - Clive Sutton - Cadwell Park - Motor Cycle Racer
2nd - Tony Hall - Scottish Autumn
3rd - Clive Sutton - Woodman's Cottage

5th May Monochrome Competition

Intermediate Group

1st - Frances Hitchcock Punchline
2nd Tony Hall - Alford Market Place
3rd - Alan Hitchcock - Bempton Cliffs

Advanced Group

1st - Clive Sutton - Candid, Natural Light
2nd - Peter Grayson - Casting Shadows
3rd - Peter Grayson - Street Scene

After the presentation Clive thanked Alan and Frances and asked members to show their appreciation in the usual way.

11.35 a.m.

Clive and Peter gave a short talk on camera settings.
11.55 a.m.
Clive thanked members for their attendance and continued support and said he would look
forward to seeing them all again at our Meeting in March.

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