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Alford Digital Camera Club


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2016 Thursday June 2 nd Digicam Group Meeting Report

10 am: Welcome: Guests and prospective members: Jean Moss/Shelley Storr

Apologies: Deena Robinson /Barry Howlett/John Walborn

Attendance: 21 ; Including a guest and two prospective new members

Meeting Notes.

Photo-Shoot at Firsby Manor – Dates: May 18th and 25 th were cancelled due to numbers

attending and bad weather ; I have arranged to visit when the weather improves!!!

I will advise rearranged dates by email - Wednesdays still preferred.

June 25 th Alford U3A 10 year celebrations ; Alford Manor House, 2pm to 5pm.

As advised previously, our group have been asked to organise the following:

a) Photo Display.

b) U3A archive display.

c) Photo slide show.

Can you please let me have 3 of your best prints for this display (Different selection to

previous if at all possible?). Please bring your prints to me as normal by June 18 th

Next month July 7 th Meeting.

The annual DPI competition ; Judge: Mr Ron Abbot.

Please let me have your entries on a USB stick. To be handed in at least 7 clear days prior to

the meeting. Images resized to 1024 x768.

August Bank Holiday ; 27 th /28 th /29 th / St. Wilfrids Church; Photo Exhibition.

Our May meeting decided to exhibit our work as last year - This entails a fair amount of

setting up and manning of our display - I understand that this year a plan and map of all

10: 15am. The Judging of the 2017 Calendar Photos.

With an excellent entry of 27 photos all images were laid out on tables for viewing.

In their opinion, in order of preference, members selected six images for the 2017 Calendar

(Members were not allowed to vote for their own photos.

11: 00 am. Coffee break ; During coffee break members voting slips were collected.

11:20 am. Resuming after coffee break the final 13 (One for the cover) 2017 Calendar

photos had been selected.

11:20 am. All the 13 selected photos were once again laid out on tables for members to

allocate and label each photo to their respective month/s.

11: 40am. To fill in remaining time Clive downloaded several selected members 2017

calendar images.

By the time of concluding this meeting report I should have the all 2017 calendar images on

a memory stick in readiness to take to the printer.

12:pm. Closing the meeting Clive thanked members for all their help, support and quality



Being the first time that we have collectively judged members entries for a calendar, I think

we can all give ourselves a pat on the back, I may be biased but I think everything went

smoothly and efficiently. No judge to complain about!!!

Well done all – A good meeting.

Once again I am sure we will be able to produce a calendar to be proud of.

Without your help and support I am positive that our group would find it difficult to


Saturday Morning:

I now have all the calendar images on file and taken to the printer. I hope to have a draft

copy next week!!

Printers comment: It looks better than last year!!

Keep Clicking.