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Alford Digital Camera Club


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10.05 a.m. Welcome:    Clive welcomed members to the meeting.

Apologies:    Margaret & Ron Arnett, Chris Beacroft, George Gilroy, Marilyn Luffman.

Attendance:    18

Meeting Notes:

2018 Calendars

Clive reported that these were now on sale at a cost of £5 each.

7 September 2017 Meeting:

Members were asked to bring along 5x 7 photos to the Meeting.  The chosen subject was "HARVEST"There would then be a critique of the photographs submitted.   Details to be emailed to members.

U3A Outings: Historic Houses, Buildings, Gardens and places of Interest.
Contact: Debbie Hurst - Phone: 07708 583012. Email:    

Clive mentioned that the U3A had two outings planned.  A photoshoot was suggested but no one was interested.  It was up to the individual to make contact if they wished to go on the outings.

    4 September - Tour of Local Churches - No interest.

    3 October      - Tour of Lincolnshire Power Station (Some interest! Clive to obtain more details).


Clive to make enquiries into the possibility of a photoshoot at Rushmoor Park.   Wednesday being the preferred day.


Members had submitted around 30 photographs on memory sticks which Clive, with the help of Peter, had downloaded on to the computer.  These were then relayed to the Projector and on to the screen.  Members took it in turn to talk about their photographs explaining their Aperture/ISO/Speed.  This was quite an entertaining time with a lot of member participation.

10.55 a.m.    Coffee break

11.10 a.m.    Meeting resumed with more critique of photographs.

Lessons learned from the critique

(a)    Memory sticks to be given to Clive prior to the meeting for future "Challenges"

(b)    Always check your camera settings before taking photographs. Including SD card and battery.

It was suggested that it would be a good idea for members to bring their cameras along for help with the following:

    White balance
    Aperture Compensation
    Spot, Centre and matrix metering

Before closing the meeting Clive said he was very pleased with the quality of the photographs submitted and to keep up the good work.

Clive had also downloaded an excellent Document on ISO which he said he would email to members. (Done).

12.05 pm.

Clive thanked members for their attendance and looked forward to seeing everybody again at the September meeting.

Comment: Apologies for the projector problem!  Looking into this.

Keep Clicking.