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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

Thursday July 3rd 2014…10am

Workshop: Talk by Wildlife Photographer David Hewson

10 am. Welcome:

Apologies: None.

Attendance: 27 including one guest

10.00 am

Clive gave a special welcome to Denise, her first meeting attendance since her altercation with a car while crossing the road in late March. Regrettably Denise is still immobile for the immediate future.

Clive also gave the meetings best wishes to Ron for a speedy return to full health. It’s good to see them both at the meeting.

Sad News:

New member Barry Jones has recently had a heart attack, at present it doesn’t look like Barry will be back for a while. We wish him well.


The meeting was reminded that everyone has to join the Alford U3A prior to joining any individual group/s. The subscription is still only 10

2015 Calendar.

Now at the printers, should get a proof in the near future.


On June 18th & 25th we had two successful photo-shoots…Grateful thanks to Deena and Gwyneth, to Rushmoore Park and all who attended.

Future Photo-Shoots

Due to my recent health problems regret no more photo-shoots have been arranged to date. Please e-mail me with your ideas/suggestions and help.

August meeting:

We will be demonstrating the Clone Stamp and Healing brush Tools (Videos will be shown), especially “selective cloning” which many members may not know about.

Crib sheets and videos’ can be available if required.


To a hearty round of applause Clive introduced today’s speaker wildlife photographer Mr David Hewson.

David commenced by showing a selection of excellent DPIs’ (Digitally Projected Images)

of kingfishers that he had taken, explaining how he had taken them, together with camera settings and tactics.

This was then followed by showing a selection of his brilliant photographs taken not only in the UK, but various parts of the world he had visited.

Continuing his presentation David informed the meeting on camera settings and procedures required while taking photographs of wildlife.

e.g. Always use a tripod…Lenses…Focusing… Background blurr…Aperture and ISO settings. All tactics and settings David used were explained to the meeting in great detail.

(Including waiting in hides for many hours without success!!).

11.05am Coffee break

During coffee break a selection of David’s prints were laid out on tables for members to view, also a selection of brochures of local area venues compiled by Frances.

Resuming after coffee break David explained in great detail how to use and find camera aperture +/ - exposure compensation, highlight alert and importantly how to find and read the histogram.

Finally David gave an actual live camera demonstration of how to use and adjust camera aperture compensation.

To close his presentation David showed the meeting an excellent selection of his favourite DPI images (Digitally Projected Images).

Throughout the meeting David answered many interesting questions by our members’


Closing the meeting Warren gave a vote of thanks to David for an excellent and informative presentation enjoyed by all.


David is dedicated to his hobby of wildlife photography and is certainly a specialist in this field, this shone through with the quality of his prints and presentation. I wish!!

(I do believe David could still be talking to us today!!)

Keep Clicking.

Bob & Clive.