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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

February 5th 2015 10 am.

10.00 am. Welcome:

Apologies: Robert Ibbotson/Mick Wheatley

Attendance: 20

Meetings Notes:

Next Thursday February 12th - 2 pm - Basic Photoshop Elements Editing Group 2pm.


Replacing a drab sky with trees and foliage on the skyline. Crib sheets emailed!!!

March 5th Meeting - 10 am.

Speaker: Mr Brian Gromett will be addressing the meeting. Subject: Exposure/Dynamic Range & Filters.

Thursdays Meeting Report:


Bring up to three memorable photos and talk. (DPIs and/or Photos)

With our grateful thanks seven members brought photos and DPIs to the meeting giving a brief description on their memorable photo/s.

1. Clive started by talking about some photos going back to the early days of 2nd world war in 1941 when his father had to join the army.

2. Bob showed a DPI photo of his father returning to the UK by train from the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940. As a volunteer Bobs second photo was about post war parachute training somewhere in Norfolk, the final photo was of Bob as a sailing dinghy instructor at Barton on Humber clay pits.

3. Tony showed some DPIs of recent memorable walks around Alford.

4. Nan showed several memorable DPIs taken from slides while on holiday in and around Penzance, Cornwall. Taken in the 1960s

5. Frances showed a memorable DPI taken in the 1980swith friends connected with Twycross Zoo near Leicester.

10.55 am. Coffee break.

11.1 0 am.

6. Resuming after coffee beak Allans memorable DPI was taken in the Falkland Isles in 1980s showing the constructing of the island airfield after the Falkland war.


Alan was responsible for selecting and shipping of machinery for crushing stone for constructing of the Island runways.


7. Finally, Denises memorable photo was of her Grandfather who worked on the railway, taken on January 5th 1935, showing the moving of daffodils grown in the Scilly Isles.

11.35 am. Together with her Improvers group winning photo Deena brought an excellent framed tapestry of her photo to show the meeting, explaining where it was taken and how the photo was transferred to canvas.

11.40 am. To finalize the meeting the Annual Photo Competition and the DPI winning photos were shown prior to the annual lunch.

11. 50 am. With 10 minutes to spare Bob showed two short humorous slide shows.


12 pm.

Retiring to the restaurant for the Annual Lunch and prize presentation (22 members + 2 guests) Clive closed the meeting thanking members for their attendance.

Keep Clicking.

Bob and Clive.