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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Digicam Group Meeting Report 4th August 2016

10.00 a.m. Clive Welcomed members and new member John Bisset

Apologies: Margaret Arnett, Eileen Grayson, George Gilroy and John


Attendance: 14 members and one guest

Meeting Notes:

It was agreed to arrange a photoshoot at Hagworthingham providing at least 10 members

would be in attendance.

2017 calendars

Members were reminded that the 2017 Calendars were now on sale at 5 each.

3 calendars were sold during the meeting.

September 1 st meeting.

An In House open competition with members to submit up to 3 photos each and an

ensuing critique would follow. Members were asked to submit 7 x 5 prints. Mounting on

card optional. Preferably the photos should not have been used previously. However

archive photos would be acceptable.

To be brought on the day, your name and title on the rear.

10.15 a.m. Main Meeting Back to Basics

As we have several new members Clive concentrated on photography basics. Most of the

information we will be going through you should be using and remembering every time you

take a photo!!!

Several members will already be practising these techniques regularly.

I started with digital compact camera photography eight years back when in its infancy,

progressing to a DSLR camera, printer and editing software. I got the bug, and here I am!!

Clive commenced his presentation by looking at members camera issues.

For today's Digicam meeting Clive had prepared a number of crib sheets. If members

wished Clive would copy these on to a memory stick or send by email. There were also a

limited number of hard copy crib sheets available.

Using Your Point & Shoot Camera

Under this heading were 14 tips which Clive proceeded to explain in detail. Numerous

questions were asked by members which led up to the coffee break.

10.50 a.m. Coffee Break.

Members enjoyed a 20 minute coffee break during which time Clive and Peter were happy

to help members with their camera settings.

11.10 a.m.

The meeting resumed with 2 videos showing the all-important Rule of Thirds. Clive then

showed several still photographs illustrating the right and wrong ways of taking photos. He

also showed further videos illustrating the best way to hold a digital camera when taking

photos, The war against Blurry Photos, holding your camera and finally Top ten hints to

get the most out of your camera.

12.02 p.m.

Closing the meeting a vote of thanks was given by Alan expressing the thanks of members

for all the hard work Clive had put in to this meeting. Appreciation was shown by a hearty

round of applause.

Meeting closed.

Keep Clicking.