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Alford Digital Camera Club


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10.00 Welcome: Clive welcomed members to the meeting and expressed a warm welcome to Alan and Frances
returning to the meeting after 3 months absence. Members gave a round of applause.

Apologies: Margaret Arnett and Denise Phillips
Attendance: 21

Meeting Notes:

Photo Shoot - Alford Manor House
Clive reported that this had been an enjoyable event although it was a rather windy and dull day.

2018 Calendars
The calendars have now arrived from the printer and can be purchased today at a cost of 5 per calendar (As in previous years).

Skegness Camera Club Invite
Clive thanked Shelley for the Skegness Camera Club invite to Orby to photograph falcons, 5 members of our group had attended and it had gone very well.

August 3rd Meeting - Tasks.
Several ideas had been put forward, such as birds, churches, etc etc. It was agreed to put these ideas into a box and the one drawn out would be the "Task" for next month's meeting. Mr Ron Abbot the visiting judge drew out the "Task" from the box and it was "BOAT"

SUBJECT "BOAT" - ON THE DAY. Up to three A4 images on a memory Stick (resizing not necessary in this case). Members to talk on: When/Where/Why - Camera info required i.e. Aperture/ISO/Speed- Group critique.

Regarding todays DPI competition
We now have some new software (New to us!) regarding the judging of DPIs competitions, this type of software appears to be the standard for DPI judging.
Peter has been using this software for several years for Trusthorpe Camera Club, he has kindly offered his help to organise this for us. With Peters help we will be using this software today - The problem being is that we have to put both groups into one competition.
This software means that we will certainly have to resize all images (1024 x 768). This can be done by using "Photoshop" and similar. Big files 70MBs clog everything up causing PCs to crash and stop this software from working!!!

For those who do not have this software there is a quick, easy free image resizer that can be downloaded via the internet. (I sent members this information last year).

This software can also be used for altering image sizes for emailing images via the internet. If anyone finds resizing difficult this can done for you!!
Consequentially In view of this software I will have to amend competition rules which apply to DPI competitions, and email out to members.

Lastly, I have to apologise to our more recent members for not sending out our competition rules.

10.15 a.m. With a round of Alford applause Clive introduced judge Mr Ron Abbott who proceeded to judge in depth 26 entries submitted for the DPI competition.
Ron held 10 images back for a second look, then proceeded to finalise his selection of six images. The following ones were chosen.

2017 DPI Competition Results
1st Long Day Ahead - Peter Grayson (Advanced Group

2nd Canine Fun - Chris Beacroft (Intermediate group)

3rd Skegness Lifeboat - Clive Sutton (Advanced Group)

4th Soggy Long Tailed Tit - Gill Edwards (Intermediate Group)

5th Denham Cottage - Tony Hall (Intermediate group)

6th Lake District - Shelley Stone (Intermediate group)

Clive remarked, saying he was impressed with how well the Intermediate group had performed in the mixed group - - Well Done.

11 a.m. Coffee Break
Members enjoyed a 15 minute break with coffee, tea and biscuits. Grateful thanks to Monica.

11.15 a.m. - Meeting Resumed
Ron Abbot entertained with a slide show of a trip to Brussels and the Yorkshire Dales. In the Yorkshire Dales slide show there were some photos demonstrating painting with light which some of our members had recently experienced with the help of Marilyn one of our members on a recent night trip to Alford Windmill.
Ron also showed an excellent Monty Python/April 1st Audio Video which he had made and narrated. Based on a possible nuclear attack on Britain with Wainfleet being as important a target as London. Skilfull and entertaining and much appreciated by members.

12 Noon. The meeting closed at 12 noon with Clive thanking Ron for a super morning, and also for Peter's help.

Members also showed their appreciation with a round of applause.

Keep Clicking.