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Alford Digital Camera Club


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September 1st 2016 - Digicam Group Meeting Report

10.00 a.m. Clive welcomed members to the meeting.
Apologies: Margaret Arnett, Eileen and Peter Grayson, Craig Kennedy, John Walborn,
John Bisset.

Attendance: 17 members.

Meeting Notes:

Hagworthingham Photo Shoot:
The day was perfect. There was an excellent turnout of members. It was a good day for photography and a great social occasion much enjoyed by everyone.

Following the success of this day it was decided to hold a further photo shoot at 68 Watts Lane in Louth. Clive to arrange for 14th September - weather permitting. Clive to email members on confirmation.

Ps. This has been arranged subject to our English weather!! – Meet at venue 10: 30am.
To be confirmed by email on the 11th. 10 members if at all possible, please.

October 6th Meeting
Clive reported that Jean Brumby would be our guest speaker at our next meeting on Thursday 6th October. The subject would be “Fun with Photoshop” with member’s participation.

2017 Calendars:
Clive reminded members that calendars for 2017 were now on sale at 5.00. each.
Clive also reported that at the recent Bank Holiday Arts and Crafts event in Alford our calendars had been on sale in St. Wilfrid’s Church and 11 had been sold. Two more have been sold at today’s meeting.

Main Meeting:
“In House” Open photo Competition:
The idea behind this exercise is to get members thinking about taking photos prior to pressing the shutter button – Composition, Lighting, Camera settings, Depth of field etc. etc.

Member’s photographs were displayed on tables in the centre of the room. There were 32 photos submitted. Each photo had a number and members were given voting slips and….
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….asked to select (In their opinion) their favourite 1st, 2nd and 3rd photos.

10.25 a.m. Coffee Break
Clive and Frances collated the results during coffee break.

10.40 a.m. The meeting resumed and Clive announced the results.

1st Jean Moss “Lunch Anyone”
2nd Clive Sutton “Waiting for Lunch”
3rd Frances Hitchcock “Listen Up”

Photo Critique:
Clive gave a critique on all the 32 photographs submitted with members interacting.

Using Photoshop, it was decided that it would be a good idea in the future to have a meeting/s on how to edit photographs with potential to show how they could be improved upon. (To bring laptops?).

Closing the meeting Clive thanked members for their help and attendance, reminding them regarding our October meeting’s speaker “Jean Brumby” (Should be good).

Members were asked to collect their photographs.

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