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Alford Digital Camera Club


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2017 May 4th Alford & Dis U3A Digicam Group Meeting Report.

10am: Clive welcomed members plus prospective member Chris Beacroft

Attendance: 17 plus one guest

Apologies: Ron & Margaret Arnett/Shelly Stones/Alan & Frances Hitchcock/George Gilroy.

Meeting notices.

June 1st meeting
Selecting images for the 2018 calendar
To be judged by your very selves - Photos to be of Lincolnshire - Photos: Up to A4s'mounting preferred, but not mandatory. Smaller sizes and unmounted acceptable - Four seasons to be included. Subject: Open.

Painting with Light April 19th

Marilyn Kindly instructed a group of 7 enthusiastic members at Alford Windmill, setting up members cameras and painting the windmill with light.
It was a reasonably successful exercise with a few problems being encountered. Marilyn offered further individual help to members - Possibly a second session.
Clive showed the meeting a first attempt photo!!!

Photo-Shoot at Ashfield House, Branston April 16th.
Seven members turned out to what transpired to an excellent venue of abundant cherry trees in full blossom, various shrubs, , and masses of spring flowers. The fly in the ointment was our usual English Easter weather - dull, cloudy, cold and occasional light rain. In spite of this members enjoyed the outing with some reasonable photos being taken. What a super venue it would had been with better weather?

Photo-Shoot at Alford Manor House.
Later this month or early June,
The gardens are now looking a lot better. Clive to advise on the dates with a good weather forecast. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most suitable days for the Manor House. Watch this space.

Alford U3A - Historic Houses, Buildings and places of interest visits.
If anyone is interested in going on any of the pre-arranged seven visits, please refer to the emailed information itinerary sheet. It's been suggested that a photo scrap book by our member's photos to be looked at!!

10.15am - Black and White photo competition judging.
To a round of Alford applause Clive introduced and welcomed the return of Judge Mr Alan Tyrer.
Thanking members for the excellent entry of prints. (31 submitted).
Alan commenced by stating that photography is subjective and that everyone has a different outlook to their individual preferences. Impact and composition are important factors when taking photos, don't just take photos like a happy snapper, use your feet, and move around and also from a higher or lower position.

Starting with the Improvers group Alan thoroughly critiqued each of the 19 images giving constructive comments to each image on how they could be improved, holding back seven images for a final decision.

After carefully studying the held back photos, and in his opinion, Alan announced the final placings of the Intermediate Section.

Shelly Stone - "Bird Hide" Anderby Creek"- Jean Moss -
"Coming Home"

Highly commended:
Jean Moss - "Saving Space&"

1st Jill Edwards: "Challenge Poseidon"
2nd Jill Edwards "Promenade Sunset"
3rd Jean Moss "Stand of Eucalyptus"

10. 55am. Coffee break.

11. 05am. Resuming after coffee break Alan commenced judging the twelve Advanced Group photos, again critiquing each image in a constructive and informative way.
Holding eight images back Alan stated that there was little difference between the eight images, finding it difficult to make a final decision.

11. 40am. Alan announced the final placings of the Advanced Group competition.

Robert Ibbotson: "Not made of stone"- Peter Grayson - "Sea defences"

Highly commended: Peter Grayson "Tidal Patterns"

1st Clive Sutton "Skegness Lifeboats"
2nd Clive Sutton "Utterby Church"
3rd Clive Sutton " Lincs Wolds Railway"

11. 45 Am. To fill in remaining time Alan showed the meeting two short excellent AVs (Audio Video) 1. The National Arboretum 2. The Lake District?

12.00 pm. Closing the meeting Clive thanked Alan for his excellent judging (No comment!!) To Tony, Peter, Gordon and Eileen for their valued help, the refreshment ladies, and of course your very selves for your attendance and support.

It is very pleasing that we now have an excellent membership of enthusiast lady photographers. The advanced group will have more entrants next year!!!

Many thanks.
Keep clicking.