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Alford Digital Camera Club


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  2016 Thursday May 5 th Digicam Group Meeting Report
10 am. - Minutes silence for Bob
Welcome: Prospective new members: Mr Morris Edwards.
Apologies: Mick Wheatley/ Brian Philpott
Regrettably Brian has had to resign due to Marian his wife’s illness – Our best wishes given.
Attendance: 14
Meeting Notes.
a) June meeting - Judging of the 2017 calendar photos by “your very selves”.
Photos of the County of Lincolnshire – Humber to the Wash – Archive photos allowed
provided that they have not been entered in a calendar previously - 3 photos from each
member, current images (mounted) preferred!!
Photos to be laid out on tables and numbered for you to judge - 13 votes allowed for each
member – No voting for your own photos!! - Voting slips to be supplied – Raffle tickets for
numbering – Setting up help and collation help required please. (9 am start)
I trust that we will have a comprehensive entry.
Please let me have all your entries as normal - At the latest 7 days prior to the meeting.
b) Alford U3A 10 Year celebrations – At: The Manor House on June 25 th 2pm to 5pm
We have been asked if we could organise two photo displays and also a photo slideshow
Display 1 – Your very best photos – I think we have room for 40 to 50 photos on our display
board, plus past and present calendars.
Display 2 – New and archive photos of past and present U3A events –
Have you any archive and present photos of U3A events over the past 10 years?
Display 3 – Photo slideshow -
Time: 2pm to 5pm – Setting up time in the morning – 10am
Help will be required for setting up and for staffing the stalls when open!!
c) August Bank Holiday – 27 th /28 th /29 th / Saint Wilfrids Church – Photo Exhibition
The meeting decided to exhibit our work as last year - This entails a fair amount of setting
up and manning of our display - I understand that this year a plan and map of all stands will
be given to exhibitors – No encroaching!!
D) Photo- Shoot.
Date/s May 18 th 1 st choice - May 25 th 2 nd choice
Venue: Firsby Manor – Meet at venue 10 30am – Price including drinks 2.50
Post Code PE23 5QJ
d) Help - If anyone requires help with photo editing etc.
10. 15 am – Clive welcomed our Black & white (Mono) photo Judge Mr Alan Tyrer.
As normal It was decided to select the 1st/2nd/3rd places with Highly Commended and
Commended placings, not the points system.
Opening his judging Alan stating that his decisions would be on his personal preferences,
and that differing judges may come to different decisions!
Alan commenced with the Intermediate group photos first (12), giving each photo a
thoroughly and encouraging critique (In his opinion), holding back several selected photos
for a final decision.
10. 45 am – Alan announced his decision on the intermediate group photos.
(Please see the separate final placings list emailed to members previously).
10.50 am - Alan followed by judging the advanced group photos (15) giving the same
encouraging critique on each photo, holding back several selected photos for a final
11.00 am – Coffee Break
11.05 am – Photo judging resumed.
11.30 am – Alan announced his decision on the advanced group photos.
To fill in the available spare time Alan showed the meeting several of his excellent
professional quality AVs’ (His Speciality).
12.00 pm. – Closing the meeting Clive thanked Alan for an excellent meeting and also to
members’ for their help in setting up the meeting.
Comment: Under the circumstances I was not looking forward to this meeting, with your
help and support, I need not have worried. My sincere thanks to you all.
Keep Clicking.