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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting4

Thursday December 4th 2014 – 10.00am

2015 Program & AGM – Photoshop Elements Tutorials

Attendance: 23

10.00am: Welcome

Apologies: Barry Howlett/Dena Robinson/Dan Smith.


Basic Photo Editing Group

It was decided that the monthly Editing Group meetings for December 11th and January 8th to be cancelled. To be resumed in February.

January meeting;

The first Thursday in January 2015 falls on New Year’s Day. The meeting to be moved to January 8th 10.00 am

10 .05. AGM & 2015 Program

Clive opened the meeting thanking members for their continued support throughout the year.

Especially to helpers Bob, Denise, Ron, Margaret and Frances.

Both Bob and I are highly delighted with members’ all round improvement in photography skills.

Having seen the work of several county photography groups we have noticed that there is little difference, our work is very close behind, well done to you all.

a) Meeting speakers: Several names were suggested; Jean Brumby/Brian Gromitt/Gary Hickin.

b) The meeting unanimously decided to continue with the Calendar and the Basic Editing

Group. Tony volunteered to help with setting up of the Editing group.

c) A new Black and white competition to be introduced.

d) Judges: Calendar/Annual Photo Competition as this year, plus the newly introduced B/W


e) Groups: After a long discussion it was decided to continue with two groups.

Group names to be changed: “Improvers” Group and “Advanced” group.

f) Rule changes: Rule 2 Annual Photo Competition – Rule 6 Calendar.

Both amended to: Archive photos allowed provided they have been taken by the entrant

and have not been entered in any previously competitions.

The same photo can be used in both competitions providing that they have not been used



g) Photo-Shoots: Suggestions - New Venues? Ayscoughee Hall,Spalding 40 miles/Lincoln Cathedral and Castle 40 miles/BBMF Conningsby, 22 miles/Scamblesby, Foals 14 miles/

/Donna Nook, Seals 22 miles/Church Farm Museum Skegness 14 miles/Sibsey Trader mill 20 miles/Skegness Lifeboat station 14 miles.

h) Annual Lunch: “Status Quo” February -To save on costs trophies to be presented by


I) Accounts: To be presented at the 2015 January Meeting (Year end).

j) AOB: AGM: To be in January 2016.

10. 45 am. Coffee break.

Clive showed a video on Photoshop Elements “Colour Picker” This was followed by demonstrations on setting up of the Red/Green and Blue fields in the levels pallet (colour correcting photos) and the setting up of the “Eye Dropper Tool” (more sensitive).

To close the meeting Clive demonstrated how the colour could be used to create and insert a realistic artificial sky to a photo with a dull drab sky. (Crib sheets to be emailed to members later).

12.00 pm. Clive wished members a Happy Christmas and 2015.

Keep clicking.


Bob and Clive.