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Alford Digital Camera Club


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2016 Thursday July 7 th Digicam Group Meeting Report

10:00 am: Welcome.


Barry Howlett/John Walborn/Jill & Maurice Edwards/Linda Mullen/Tony Hall/Ron & Lucy Arnett.

Attendance: 14 and Mr Ron Abbott today's our DPI Judge.

Meeting Notes.

Alford U3A 10 th Anniversary June 25th.

Clive thanked all members who had helped and exhibited photographs at the Manor House. 11calendars

were sold and two other groups had requested how to produce a calendar, also with a perspective new

member to our group. It proved to be a worthwhile event.

Next month August 4th Meeting.

With regard to several new members to our group the meeting agreed to concentrate on camera basics.


Firsby gardens:

Another attempt to visit to Firsby gardens was discussed. Most members preferred a Wednesday providing

we can raise a party of 10 - Clive to keep an eye on the weather for suitability!!

Photo Exhibition:

St Wilfrid's Church - August Bank Holiday - Photo Exhibition

After discussion it was decided to cancel the photographic exhibition. (Done)

Group competitions ; Photo Displays

A friendly reminder

In view of the recent poor response of photos and DPI images.

With only four days remaining to recent group events only six prints and six DPI images had been received!

Clive reminded members that competition entries required to be handed in at least seven days prior to the

event. (Photo title and author on the back), otherwise competitions will have to be cancelled.

10:15 Main meeting - DPI Competition.

Clive introduced and welcomed Judge Mr Ron Abbott and apologising for the delay, stating that there had

been a problem getting the laptop/s talking to the projector.

10:30 am. With grateful thanks, George Gilroy with his Mac laptop succeeded to present the DPI images on

screen, and also to Peter Grayson for coordinating the list of images, thus allowing Judge Ron Abbott to

commence his encouraging and constructive critique on the submitted 21 images.

10:50 am. Members enjoyed a 15 minute break.

11.10 am. The meeting Resumed and the following winners were announced as under.

1 st Clive Sutton. Cadwell Park Racer.

2 nd Tony Hall. Scottish Autumn.

3 rd Clive Sutton. Woodman's Cottage.

Highly Commended. Peter Grayson. Glorious Sunset.

Commended. Frances Hitchcock. Burst of a Feather.

Tony Hall. Black Tailed Godwit.

Jean Moss. Brooklyn Bridge.

Please advise me if I have any of the above placings incorrect.

To fill in remaining time we were then entertained by Ron who had brought along several AVs to show us.

Clive gave a vote of thanks to Ron for taking the time to thoroughly examine each image and for his

expertise and humour which had provided us all with such an enjoyable meeting.

12:05 pm. Clive closed the meeting thanking members for their attendance and DPI entries.

Keep Clicking.


PS. The 2017 Calendars are now on sale - 5 ea. Still the same price.