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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & District U3A Photography Group Meeting

March 5th 2015 10 am

10.00 am Welcome:

Apologies: Deena Robinson/Joyce Waite/Ed Lloyd/Margaret Arnett

Attendance: 22


Bob will be having a hip operation on March 24th we wish him a successful operation and a full recovery.

With my apologies, I completely forgot about the 2014 DPI competition Trophies at our annual lunch. It was agreed to present the trophies at our March meeting.

10. 05 Bob Presented the DPI competition trophies.

The winners:

Improvers Group. 1st Frances Hitchcock 2nd Alan Hitchcock 3rdRon Arnett

Advanced group. 1st Peter Grayson 2nd Bob Platts Clive sutton

Meetings Notes:

March 12th- Basic PE Editing Group meeting 2 pm.

Workshop Converging Verticals

April 2nd Meeting 10 am.

Guest speaker - Jean Brumby Talk & demonstrations - Converting colour photos to Monochrome with Photoshop Elements.

Please make a note!!

May 7th Meeting - 10 am

The Judging of our new B/W photo competition Judge: Mr Rob Dowlman

With the following Caveat - Due to a possible hospital appointment this may have to be re-arranged.

No matters arising

10. 15 am

With many thanks Clive introduced and welcomed meeting speaker Mr Brian Gromett.

Subject: Exposure/Dynamic Range & Filters.

With Diagrams Brian talked about the over and under exposure or images comparing this to a full and empty bucket!! Dynamic range of images together with diagrams of histograms explaining the under and over exposure of highlights and shadows The exposure triangle, ISO/exposure/aperture, getting the same exposure using different settings Shutter stops

Depth of field, using different f stops f1.4 to f16 - The use of different shutter speeds for

capturing fast moving objects (500th Sec. plus) and low light images (5secs.) - Auto Focus points. - Exposure compensation to add or subtract brightness to an image - Metering modes, evaluative/center weighted/spot (Brian uses mostly center weighted).

Brian brought several old and new cameras to demonstrate to the meeting the various old (Film) and new (Digital) camera settings and lenses.

To close his presentation Brian talked about and demonstrated the use of various types of filters, most of which can now be replicated in photo editing software.



Frances gave a vote of thanks to Brian for his excellent and informative presentation.


With our grateful thanks Pat Henson presented to our group several excellent photo editing books for members use.

Keep clicking.

Bob & Clive.