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Alford Digital Camera Club


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†††††††2017 November 2nd Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group

†††††††††††Annual Photo Competition

10:00a.m. Clive welcomed members to the meeting

Present: 17

Apologies: Linda Mullen.

Meeting notices.

2018 Calendars.
Clive advised the Meeting that they we aren't selling as in previous years with 16 left to sell. Would members please try to promote sales?

December 7th meeting.
A change of direction .....Something that we have not done previously ..... An Idea that Diane Seddon mentioned at last month's meeting which had been well received at her Club.
Could you please bring a photo to the meeting .... Preferably an A4 size ..... Mounting not required ....The idea being is to randomly pass photos to member/s to discuss ..... Your camera make/Aperture/speed / ISO on rear of photograph (don't press too hard and ruin your image!!!).

As Christmas will be fast approaching, and to get us into the festive mode, at break we will be having tea, coffee, biscuits and mince pies, all FOC!!! †Woooooow!!

Photo-Shoot .... Donna Nook
Date: The meeting decided on Monday December 4th ..... Dress warmly and we'll meet at the farmer's field at 1 p.m.
I will look at the weather forecast 7 days prior to confirm "Yea" or "Ney" ..... Alternate Dates: Nov. 27th/28th 30th .....Dec: 5th / 8th / ††††††††††††††††††Please make your own transport arrangements
Marilyn has kindly volunteered to be on hand to share her experience with camera settings.

December 21st U3A General meeting.
We have been asked if we can display some of our photography work at this meeting.
As per your approval we will be keeping your entries for this exhibition. †
Could I please ask for your assistance in setting up at the Church Hall from 9 a.m on the day?

10:15 a.m.
To an Alford round of applause Clive welcomed Judge Lynn Haith, thanking members for the 33 submitted images.
Lynn commenced by stating that all judges can only express their personal opinions and that different judges may regard the same image completely differently. †Nobody should be disheartened if their photograph doesn't find favour with a particular judge.
By the quality of our photos Lynn is wondering why we have two groups.

With the "Intermediate Group" photos first, and not missing anything, Lynn meticulously began to encouragingly critique the 15 submitted images.

10. 40 a.m.
After holding back eight images Lynn made her final decision as follows ......

Highly Commended: Jean Moss.... The last rays of the Sun

Commended: ††Jean Moss .... "Crane fly & Shadows" ...."I've been expecting you Bond"

Third place: ......Tony Hall ..... Straithes Harbour.

Second place: Tony Hall ..... "Wolds Way"

1st place:.......Tony Hall ....... "Grosmont Station"

10.50 a.m. Coffee break.

11.10 a.m.

Lynn proceeded to encouragingly critique the 18 submitted "Advanced Group" photos, again with her "Eagle Eye" not missing a trick (or a dodgy number plate), again holding back eight photos for her final decision.

11. 40 a.m.
Lynn announced her final decision as follows .....

Highly Commended: ††
Clive Sutton .......... "Natureland"

Peter Grayson ........"Spring is in the Air"

Peter Grayson ....... "Wedding Girls"

Linda Mullen ......."Two Old Ladies"

Third place: Marilyn Luffman ......"Meadow Pipit"

Second Place: Gill Edwards ...... "Kid Gloves"

First Place: Clive Sutton ....."Harvesting 1900's Style"

A few future points that Lynn mentioned to take note of

Burn out††† ††† ††† †††
Shutter Speed††† †††
Dead Space††† †††
Saturated colours†††
Background blurring ††† ††† †††
Peripheral image details
Mid-day photography †

11.50 a.m. Closing the meeting a little early, and to a round of applause, Clive thanked Lynn for her photo judging, also thanking members for their attendance and help.

A note from our treasurer for future meetings.
Our esteemed Treasurer, Denise, borrowed Lynn's "Eagle Eye" and noticed some irregularities in the small change, not the least of which was the presence of old £1 coins which are no longer legal tender. †This does cause unnecessary inconvenience at the bank, which is out of town. †Please try to be more diligent in future.

Keep Clicking.
Clive & Gill