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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

Thursday April 3rd 2014…10am

Workshop: Judging of our New DPI Competition…Judge: Jean Brumby

10 am. Apologies: John Barker/Dan Smith/Denise Phillips

Attendance: 23 members

Clive advised the meeting that Denise and her friend Sylvia had been knocked down by a car exiting the Methodist Church car park while crossing the road. Sadly Denise suffered a broken bone in her knee; she is in the Pilgrim hospital with a pot on her leg.

A “Get Well” card was signed by all members.


Thursday May 1st meeting: TBA

Basic Editing group

Thursday April 10th 2pm…PSE. Adding a new sky to a photograph.


Wed May 14th pencilled in. (Mondays & Wednesdays)…Homefield Alpacas…Great Carlton.

Dependent on our English weather the date can be flexible.

Deena and Gwyneth’s garden…Sloothby: (Nr Willoughby). Date to be arranged around our English weather. June?

Investigated: Northcote Heavy Horse centre.

Wednesdays and Sundays’ open…11am to 3pm. Unable to establish to date what’s on Wednesday’s. Wednesdays best for our group? To be looked at!


Clive introduced our new DPI (Digital Projected Images) meeting judge Jean Brumby.

Jean commenced by advising the meeting that her decisions were based on her personal judgement, making constructive comments, and in her opinion where improvements could be made.

Starting with an excellent entry of 24 beginners group photographs Jean gave a thorough and encouraging critique on every members photograph.

10.45 am.Coffee break

During coffee break Jean looked at members’ entries choosing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed photograph.


11.00 am.

Resuming after coffee break:

Jean announced the final placing’s, stating that with the excellent quality of the beginners group photos , not only would she announce the first three winners but give “Highly Commended” on five further photos….Jean’s comment!! Why do we have two groups?

Beginners Group Placing’s

1st Place…Frances Hitchcock…’Feeding time’

2nd Place…Alan Hitchcock…’Harrington Hall’

3rd Place…Ron Arnett…’What an elegant lady’

4th Highly Commended…Deena Robinson…’Macro Butterfly’

5th Highly Commended…Craig Kennedy…’Lamb & Ewe’

6th Highly commended…Margaret Arnett…’Knocked off the perch’

7th Highly Commended...Nan Morley…’Going Home’

8th Highly Commended…Barry Howlett…’Findorn Sunset’


Following the Beginners Group, Jean gave constructive critique to all Advanced Group photos (12 entries).

Advanced Group Placing’s

1st Place…Peter Grayson…’Caught the morning dew’

2nd Place…Bob Platts…’Cubism’

3rd Place… Clive Sutton…’Waiting for take-off’

4th Highly commended…Robert Ibbotson…’Off on a mission’


I must admit I was rather apprehensive about projecting the images for our first DPI competition!! With help and advice from our judge Jean and Peter G, I believe it all turned out to be to be a successful meeting. (Certainly a learning curve for me).

No worries for future DPI competitions?

Our grateful thanks to entrants for mastering “resizing” and the improvement of photo quality. Well done all.


Closing the meeting Ron gave a vote of thanks to Jean for her excellent constructive comments and judging.

Keep Clicking.

Bob & Clive.