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Alford Digital Camera Club


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Alford & Dis. U3A Photography Group Meeting

Thursday August 7th 2014…10am

Workshop: Selective Cloning

10 am. Welcome:

Apologies: Ron & Margaret Arnett/Ed Lloyd.

Attendance: 20

10.00 am.


Clive advised the meeting that we have lost a loyal and valued group member John Barker.

Margaret and I represented our group at the funeral service leaving a donation for cancer research.



It has been suggested that our group visit a NGS garden at Goulceby. Margaret and I have been to investigate and think it would be better to organise a visit in spring.


Visit to a stud farm. Margaret and I to investigate and report back to our group, it appears September is a good month. Watch this space.

Basic Editing Group Meeting.

Re-starting in September (Second Thursday 2pm).

Workshop: A different technique of inserting a new sky to dull and uninteresting landscape photo.

September Meeting.

Guest speaker Mr Colin Lusby will be talking about B/W photography

2015 Calendars.

Are now on sale and available to purchase. 5 each

Photo Display…August Bank Holiday Weekend…St Wilfrids Church…Alford

Volunteer helpers…Apologies, we have forgotten the name of volunteer!! Would the person please contact us regarding this!!....Thanks to volunteers Frances and Alan.


Meeting workshop: Selective Cloning.

Commencing, Clive asked the meeting for a show of hands if anyone had ever done selective cloning, not one hand was raised! A copy of the cloning workshop is available via a USB Pen/CD. See me later.

Tip: Two settings in Photoshop Elements that will not only help with cloning but with general enhancements as well.

1. Go to the “Edit” tab > Scroll down to “Preferences” > Select “Display and Cursers” > “Show Crosshair in brush tip

2. Go to the “Edit Tab” > Scroll down to “Preferences” > Select the “General” tab > Select “Zoom with scroll Wheel

A demonstration cloning CD of a London landscape was shown to the meeting; this included the selective cloning out of several skyline construction cranes that littered the skyline using the Lasso Tool to ring fence a selection so we don’t encroach and damage parts of the image we want to keep. Coffee break.

To continue Clive demonstrated in Photoshop Elements on the actual CD demonstration CD image the selective cloning out of the skyline cranes. This time using the Polygonal Lasso tool which I find works more accurately than the Lasso tool, especially on straight lines (when your hand is unsteady!).

The demonstration CD did not show how to clone out cranes close to and encroached upon buildings!! Firstly, by using a small Clone stamp brush then going round the outline very carefully, then appropriately increasing the brush size for the remainder Clive demonstrated how this could be done.

The meeting was shown four before and after images to demonstrate the improvements Selective Cloning and Cloning can make to an image.

While working on a demonstration image a member queried the selective cloning out of intruding objects and people, would it not be quicker to select the main object and insert into a new background? This was then demonstrated and in this case proved to be quicker and better way.

It just goes to show there is always a different way to everything.

To close the meeting a quick demonstration of replacing a bland sky and cloning part of the image was shown to the meeting.

12.00 pm.

Closing the meeting Clive thanked the meeting for their attendance and the Bank Holiday display photos.

Keep Clicking

Bob & Clive